The true value of a solar panel lies in the electricity if generates over time. Trina Solar have shown superior performance time and again in independent tests around the world. They are specially tailored and tested to suit Australia’s harsh climate and environment.  Rest assured, choosing Trina Solar isn’t just a quality purchase – its a sound investment.

Trina Solar has experienced outstanding growth and today their high-quality modules provide clean and reliable solar electric power in on-grid and off-grid residential, commercial, industrial and utility-scale systems. With more than 20 offices worldwide, Trina Solar has partnerships with leading installers, distributors, utilities and developers in all major PV markets, including Australia. Trina Solar’s simple yet meaningful mission is to make the world a better place by providing affordable and dependable solar energy.

Trina Solar’s new Honey cells delivery higher efficiencies and have set world records for multicrystalline power output, two year in a row (2011, 2012). These superb results firmly establish Honey panels as one of the best in their class.

Combined with Trina Solar’s industry-leading 10 year product and 25-year linear power output warranties, the Honey cells are an investment that lets you rest easy and enjoy great returns with,

  • 15.9% Max Efficiency
  • 260w Max Power Output
  • 10 Year Product Warranty
  • 25 Year Linear Power Warranty
  • High Performance under low light conditions


 Trina Warranty


Wall Mounted/Split Systems

The Samsung range of air conditioners are designed to maintain a comfortable temperature for all spaces, from the office, to apartments and large family homes.


The Samsung wall mounted split system range includes the Smart Series TM and the AR5000 Series. Features Include:

  • WiFi enabled
  • D’Light Cool Mode
  • HD80 Filtration with Ionizer
  • Good Sleep 11 Mode
  • Quite Mode


Ducted Systems

The Samsung ducted air conditioning range comes with Smart Inverter technology providing your home with all year round comfort. The Smart Inverter technology adjusts the capacity of the system to cope with temperature variances to ensure you stay in optimum comfort. Features Include:

  • Samsung Smart Inverter
  • Minus -20oC to 50oC operating range
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Reverse Cycle


Contact Us for a supply and installation quotation with expert advice on the system most suitable for your needs.


Visit Samsung Air Conditioning for further information.



Mitsubishi are world renowned for their range of air conditioning units which excel in reliability, quietness and efficiency. This is a brand which has proven time and time again that it can perform solidly in Perth’s tough summer and winter climate.

With their energy-saving, environmental designs and user-friendly interfaces, one can see why Mitsubishi is one of the most popular brands in the world for home and office air conditioning.

Mitsubishi Electric boasts some truly versatile, affordable air conditioning solutions and is designed to work in small-to-medium sized interiors. They are quick to install and are some of the quietest units on the market (as low as 19 dBA). They also boast attractive exterior designs, the perfect solution for those who wish to create a comfortable environment with a minimum of disruption.

We service commercial and residential settings throughout the Perth area and can advise you about which of Mitsubishi air conditioning model will work best in your premises. With our help, you can make your interiors pleasant and cool no matter the size, usage or layout.


Visit Mitsubishi Air Conditioning for further information.

We also supply a range of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners.




Through new innovations and advanced technology, the team at Fujitsu has created a range of split system inverter air conditioners which are more economical and much quieter than conventional units. They can handle the extremes in temperature typically found in Perth, keeping local interiors pleasant and liveable. These air conditioners are also incredibly smooth and stable while in operation and can work to reach the desired temperature very quickly indeed.

The main reason for these advantages is the unique inverter component which allows the outdoor air conditioner unit to vary its speed and output to match the required capacity of the indoor unit. Thus, Fujitsu has created a range of inverter models which achieve 30% more operating efficiency than their conventional counterparts. They are therefore cheaper and more environmentally friendly to run.

We now stock wall-mounted and duct-type models. This selection means that a Fujitsu air conditioner can make homes, shops and offices cool and comfortable in an affordable, energy efficient manner.

Contact us on 1300 008 171 and see which system is the most appropriate for your interiors, lifestyle and budget.


Visit Fujitsu Air for more information on the product range available.




Australia has experienced record-breaking temperatures of late. We recently witnessed the hottest year in recorded history, although that appears to be a record that won’t stand for long. Needless to say, Australians are forced to turn down their thermostats to stay comfortable.

Fortunately, Direct Electrical Solutions offer cooling solutions for homes and offices across Western Australia. One of our top-selling air conditioning lines, the Panasonic PKR range, provides the following features:

  • All-in-one reverse-cycle air conditioner and air purifier
  • Nanoe-G air-purifying system (removes 99% of airborne bacteria, viruses and mould)
  • Demand Response Technology (lowers energy consumption)
  • ECONAVI technology (moderates temperature according to room usage)
  • Operational range from -15ºC to 46ºC
  • Easy-to-clean vent-less intake grill

These features combine to create an exceptionally energy-efficient air conditioner. That means you can combat Australia’s rising temperatures without seeing an unruly spike in your energy bills or household carbon emissions. The Panasonic PKR range is a responsible answer to the summer heat.


Visit Panasonic Air Conditioning for further information.



The Q-Pro-G3 module is the new standard in solar. As the third generation from Q Cells, with optimised performance across the board, it includes improved output yields, higher operating reliability and durability, quicker installation and more intelligent design.

Made in Europe from the finest materials, the Q-Pro-G3 boasts maximum efficiency and outstanding performance characteristics. These cells are ideal for residential rooftop arrays or small-scale commercial and industrial applications.

Q Cells boasts numerous advantages with their Q-Pro-G3 250W modules. As well as maximum yields with excellent low-light and temperature behaviour, these cells also offer long-term yield security through anti-PID technology (APT), hot-spot protect (HSP) and traceable quality. Their long-term stability is also guaranteed as each has been VDE quality tested.

Additionally, superior anti-reflective coating technology reduces light reflection by up to 50% while providing long-term corrosion resistance. With a power tolerance of +5/-0 Wp, the Q-Pro-G3 boasts guaranteed performance as well as the best warranties on the market. This includes a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year power output warranty at 83%.

With these excellent qualities, Direct Electrical Solutions is proud to utilise the superior Q-Pro-G3 from Q Cells when creating residential and commercial solar PV systems for our Perth clients.

Q Cells Panel