Direct Electrical Solutions is committed to protecting the environment and saving you money. We recommend and only use energy efficient products and specialise in the supply and installation of money saving and energy efficient Solar PV Systems.

Here are some useful energy tips for your home and office.


  • Turn off equipment when not in use
  • Install timers on equipment such as water boiling units and photocopiers
  • Consider energy costs in all purchasing decisions, the higher the energy star the more efficient your purchase will be.


  • Make use of natural light where possible
  • Only turn lights on when needed
  • Replace existing lamps with fluorescent or energy efficient alternatives (energy efficient globes can last 8 times longer than incandescent globes)
  • Replace halogen down lights with LED down lights.
  • Use timers for lights where appropriate and install sensors for outdoors lighting.
  • Remove lamps from areas with excess levels of light

Heating and Cooling

  • Insulating your home or business reduces the need for heating and cooling
  • Minimise air-conditioning run times by matching operating times with occupancy hours
  • A high efficiency air conditioner uses 20% less energy than a similar low efficiency system
  • Keep windows closed when using refrigerated air-conditioning systems


  • Choose a system that best suits your needs
  • For domestic appliances select the one with the highest energy rating (the more stars the better the system)
  • Ensure your system is adequately insulated
  • Keep your system well maintained