How long will it take for my system to pay for itself?

This naturally depends on the initial cost of your system and the degree to which your system reduces or eliminates electricity bills. Direct Electrical Solutions can advise on the best system to suit your needs.

Installing a solar power system adds value to your home. If you use your solar power wisely, you should pay back your system within 4 to 7 years. Of course, rising power costs could reduce the payback period even further.

Most solar power systems operate efficiently for 20+ years, so once your system has been paid back you can expect to enjoy at least 15 years of FREE electricity.

Can I still take advantage of the government’s solar power rebates?

Yes. The Australian Government offers a number of incentives for those planning to switch to solar power. In fact, the Solar Credit Scheme Rebate can save you thousands of dollars depending on the size and location of your installation.

The scheme provides solar credits to the first 1.5 kilowatts (kW) of capacity installed. The credits are known as Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC) and can be traded by the homeowner or assigned to your Solar PV System retailer for discount on the price of your system. Many advertised systems already include the rebate in the advertised price.

Generation from capacity above 1.5 kW is still eligible for the standard 1:1 rate of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) creation. RECs accompany solar power equipment purchases and can be traded for cash.

The Solar Credits multiplier will be reduced by one each year, until the multiplier is phased out completely by 1 July 2013.

The current STC allotments based on a 1.52kW system for each zone show the savings you could receive under the Solar Credits Scheme on your system under different multiplier scenarios in the chart below.

Solar Credits Scheme / STC (REC) Multiplier Chart

Ends June 2012

Ends  31 Dec 2012


3x multiplier

2x multiplier

1x (no multiplier)

REC/STC Zone 1

109 ($3270)

72 ($2160)

36 ($1080)

REC/STC Zone 2

103 ($3090)

69 ($2070)

34 ($1020)

REC/STC Zone 3

93 ($2790)

62 ($1860)

31 ($930)

REC/STC Zone 4

79 ($2370)

53 ($1590)

26 ($780)

Prices are based on an STC price of $30 (Actual prices may vary due to STC Market price)

How do I make the most out my Solar Power System?

If you’ve made the decision to invest in solar power, it’s important to maximise the return on your investment by using the power that you generate during peak times.

Aim to use as much of the electricity produced by your panels as you can. This may mean making some simple changes to your daily routine, such as changing the time that you use your pool pump, dishwasher, washing machine etc.

Are there any hidden or extra costs?

With Direct Electrical Solutions there are no transparent costs. We can provide you with a quotation over the phone or email but the most beneficial way is for us to do a site visit at the property. We will explain the systems we have available, the system design and calculations to ensure you have a clear understanding and that the system designed is right for your needs.

Do I need to change my meter?

It is a requirement to have a bi-directional meter installed. You will need to sign up for the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) with Synergy. Synergy can provide you with information regarding kind of meter is required and how to apply for REBS.

To download your REBS Application Form please click here.
For more Information on the REBS scheme and Synergy meter charges please click here.

Or call Synergy on 13 13 53.

What maintenance does the system require?

These systems require little to no maintenance. Because there are no moving parts in a solar power system, there is not much to go wrong. Make sure the modules are clear of any trees that may become overgrown and cause shading to the system.  Any dirt/dust that may be on the modules are naturally cleaned when it rains.  Check your inverter display once in a while to check the performance and this will ensure the system is working.