If your currently considering solar for your home appreciate the products & their specifications before buying a system. Always know what you’re buying, who is installing your system & what you’re return on your investment will be. All Solar systems are different & all home designs are different so therefore all system returns (performance estimates) will be different.

We offer a complete Solar Solution, we only endorse the highest quality of components, we install all our own systems (no sub-contractors) therefore with Direct Electrical Solutions you will know what your buying, who is installing &  peace of mind that your system is guaranteed to give you a great return for your investment.

Our installation team are fully trained & experienced electricians with Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accreditation.

We are very proud to be able to provide our clients with a complete service which includes:

  • Your initial consultation explaining in full detail the systems we can provide, the design, performance estimate specific to your home & quotation.
  • Authority approvals from Synergy and Western Power.
  •  Scheduling your system installation for a day & time convenient for yourself.
  • Providing you with a complete System Information Manual, which includes all system specification sheets, Warranty information including all serial numbers for the modules & inverter, CEC Installation and Commissioning Checklist & a System Maintenance schedule.


System Inspections

With the fast growth within the solar industry during the time the 40c feed-in-tariff was available, many West Australians invested in Solar. We are now seeing an increase in the number of concerns consumers have with their solar system which was installed by other solar companies & their sub-contractors.

  • Are you concerned your system has been installed incorrectly?
  • Are you achieving the optimum performance from your system?
  • Are you concern of any shading issues during the day?
  • Or is your system due for a regular inspection? (It is recommended by the Clean Energy Council to have your system inspected every 2 years.)

Our system inspections include:

  • A detailed system report outlining any areas of concern along with photographic evidence.
  • Confirmation if your system is designed to meet to the optimum performance.
  • Confirmation the modules model installed are matching to original specification sheets.
  • No shading issues are present.
  • Check all electrical components are in good working order.